Neuropsychology at St. Louis University

The Neuropsychology Concentration in the Saint Louis University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

Clinical Neuropsychology is a recognized area of specialization in psychology that studies brain behavior relationships and the effects of neurological disorders or neurological trauma on mental abilities and adaptive functions.  Unlike the use of neuroimaging techniques such CT scans or MRI's where the focus is on nervous system structures, neuropsychology seeks to evaluate neurocognitive abilities through detailed assessment with various tests of mental ability.  This information is used to accurately describe, treat and rehabilitate individuals with suspected or demonstrated neurological problems.


Students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program have the option of completing a concentration in clinical neuropsychology by taking courses such as Fundamentals of Neuropsychology, Neuropsychological Assessment, Memory and Cognition, Neuroscience, and Psychopharmacology. Additionally, completion of the concentration requires obtaining research and clinical experience in neuropsychology. Supervised clinical experience in neuropsychological assessment, consultation, and intervention is offered through various internal and external placements. Dr. Jeffrey Gfeller and Dr. David Kaufman are the faculty members who coordinate the clinical neuropsychology concentration.


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